Olivense Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made following all quality patterns. Traditional techniques are used, but we also have all the technological advances that allow us to obtain an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of maximum purity and quality.

The harvested olives are transported to the mill for grinding.
In Olivense we only use the olives from the tree and, once they are in the oil mill, the olives are subjected to a process of cleaning, washing, weighing and storage until the moment of grinding.

In order to obtain an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the highest quality, the temperature of the smoothing dough does not exceed 27ºC - 29ºC, and the beating time is less than 90 minutes.

Once the paste has been obtained, the liquid part must be separated from the solid part.This process is performed by selective filtration and pressure extraction.The oil obtained from the first pressing is of the highest quality, and is used exclusively for the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The oil obtained is stored in tanks of inert material in the cellars of the mill at a suitable temperature between 18ºC - 20ºC, in order to allow the oils to mature without favouring oxidation.

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