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In Olivense our main Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one variety, obtained from a unique variety of olives, the Morisca olive.
On the other hand, our Extra Organic Virgin Olive Oil is a blend of the varieties Morisca, Pico Limón, Manzanilla and Picual.

Morisca olive

The Morisca olive owes its name to its origin, and its production is mainly concentrated in the province of Badajoz. It is known that this olive was introduced during the Muslim conquest of the Iberian peninsula. The presence of the Moorish variety in Spain dates from the 11th century, so its presence in the Iberian peninsula is ancient.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Morisca variety has levels of dialdehidic polyphenols much higher than other varieties of olives. These ponifelons are considered the most beneficial compounds of olive oil for health, due to their antimicrobial activity and protective against oxidative damage.

Ecological Coupage

In order to enhance their organoleptic qualities and maximize their healthy properties, for our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic olives of the variety Morisca, Pico Limón, Manzanilla and Picual are used.

In addition to the properties described above of the Moorish variety, to our Organic Coupage are added the virtues of these three varieties:

Pico limon: It is distributed mainly in the fertile soils of the Campiña Sur de Badajoz, its oil is highly valued for its exceptional quality. It has high levels of dialdehydric polyphenols.

Manzanilla: Its soft and delicate flavor is appreciated by all. It is distributed mainly in Extremadura and Andalusia. It has a medium content of oleic acid and a high content of palmitic and linoleic acid, high quality and stability.

Picual: It is the main variety that is grown in Spain, has a high content of oleic acid and can exceed 80% of its entire lipid profile, Due to its low content of polyunsaturated acids, picual olive oil is one of the most stable to oxidation and rancidity.

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